A 'Blitz-themed' Masterclass visits Gracefield Preparatory School

‘Keep calm and study History!’ was the message as Clifton High School teachers and students inspired young minds with a 1940s-themed Masterclass on The Blitz. Mr Mullins, Mrs Baker and Sixth Form historians, Isabella, Frank and Luke, brought the topic alive for 20 pupils from Gracefield Preparatory School. The children were shocked to learn that the Blitz claimed more than 40,000 lives between September 1940 and May 1941. They also explored the roles of the Home Guard and child evacuees, making their own evacuation boxes with instructions on how to fit a gas mask and even practised the ‘duck and brace’ position when the air raid warnings were sounded. Pupils enjoyed producing Home Guard posters, warning civilians to turn off their lights and in case of an air raid warning, to keep quiet and not panic. They also discussed a historical source describing a bombing raid and studied a replica gas mask, and home guard and air raid warden hats. Mrs Baker commented on how impressed she was at the children’s desire to learn and their eager approach to questions. Many thanks to staff and pupils who supported another successful ‘Masterclass on the Move’.