A truly well-deserved set of A level results for an exceptional group of young people

Clifton High School is delighted to share that our Sixth Form students this morning received some outstanding and well deserved A level results. Building on last year’s successes, over 40% of the awarded grades achieved were A or A*, exemplifying the hard work, commitment and ambition of this group of individuals and significantly above the national average. The staff and the wider School community sends its sincere and warmest congratulations to each of them.

Although this was a year of transition and relative uncertainty as the vast majority of subjects shifted to the reformed linear qualifications, the results show a continuing trend of improvement in Sixth Form attainment, approaching a 10% increase on last year’s results. Across all subject areas significant achievements were seen and in particular in the Sciences, Mathematics, History and Languages. Success in STEM and other subjects at the School was attained in equal high measure by boys and girls this year. This shift reverses the trend of recent years at Clifton High School where in the main girls were the top performers; our boys have closed that gap! Today, Clifton High marks ten years since boys were first welcomed to the Senior School and equally strong results from male and female students is further testament to the fully co-educational environment achieved in that time and to the Diamond Edge Model of education; which sees boys and girls studying the core subjects of Science, Mathematics and English separately between the formative Years 7-9.

This year’s students have been discerning in their choice of university and degree course, from the more traditional disciplines of History, Mathematics, Medicine and the Sciences, to Liberal Arts and Sciences, Government, Spanish with Business and Human Resource Management. The number of girls choosing degree courses in Engineering equalled that of boys. There were many exceptional performances from individuals, with 30% of students gaining no less than an A grade in all subjects studied. In addition to their A level studies, a number of these students also chose to undertake an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which consists of university level research and writing; 65% of whom achieved the highest grade attainable.

Although academic results are important, Clifton High firmly believes that a meaningful education cannot be measured by academic results alone and the Class of 2018 epitomises the positive contribution students can make to their school environment. This year’s students have excelled in balancing their studies with enrichment opportunities at Sixth Form, participating in; performance, music and school productions, World Challenge expeditions, the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, county sport, and voluntary work in the community.

Dr Alison Neill, Head of School says,

‘These are excellent achievements from committed, busy and generous individuals who were prepared to take risks and embrace the opportunities, academic and extra-curricular, presented to them at Clifton High. They have fully supported their school as well as encouraged, cared for and celebrated each other’s individual successes and different interests both inside and outside of the classroom. During their time at the School these young men and women have built a strong sense of community and without a shadow of a doubt have invested in both their school and their peers to build lifelong friendships’.

Each deserves many further successes in life and Clifton High wishes them good health and much happiness. We will miss each one of them enormously.