AXA Medical Services Charity Grant

We are delighted to announce that Clifton High School have been awarded the AXA Medical Services Charity Grant, the outcome of which is a £500 reward which has been spent on a ‘mud kitchen’ for the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) department. The AXA judging panel praised the thorough and convincing proposal set out by Mrs Barker, Assistant to the Deputy Head, Nursery- Year 2 and commented on the unique concept of a ‘mud kitchen’.

The interactive outdoor ‘kitchen’ space will enable children to develop their understanding of materials, advance their language and further their personal, social and emotional development (PSED) skills through their interaction with others. Learning through structured play, activities increase children’s imagination and encourage them to engage and take risk, all whilst enjoying themselves and connecting with nature. The children relish practising ‘grown up’ jobs, such as cooking, which give them a sense of independence. We would like to thank both Mrs Barker and Mrs Reed for their involvement so far.