Additional Learning Needs

The Head of Enhanced Learning works with class and subject teachers across the school to ensure that those pupils identified as having additional learning needs are supported. Through ongoing evaluation of classwork or the results from assessment we can ensure that all our pupils are progressing in line with their abilities and that their rate of progress is as we would expect. Should it be decided that additional levels of support are required an Individual Educational Plan (IEP) can be put in place promptly and reviewed regularly. Similarly, an IEP may be put in place as a result of an educational psychologist’s report.  

We work closely with every individual pupil in Clifton High School, their teachers and parents to ensure we are giving the right level of support for our children to achieve their very best. As well as providing support through one to one or small group work we also work with boys and girls to understand their specific needs and help them put strategies in place to get the most of their learning both at school and at home.  The Enhanced Learning Department runs additional reading, spelling, study skills and numeracy programmes which enable extra practice in the key skills. In Year 9 the Head of Enhanced Learning can assesses pupils to ascertain whether they require any special arrangements for public examinations.