Art and Textile Masterclasses at Elmlea Junior School

On Wednesday 24th May, Clifton High School’s ‘Masterclass on the Move’ had its biggest event yet.  Travelling in our bespoke bus to Elmlea Junior School, our own Year 10 pupils and staff delivered masterclasses to some 180 Year 3 and Year 4 Elmlea pupils.

The masterclasses formed part of Elmlea’s Art Week, entitled ‘Walk on the Wild Side’. For Elmlea’s 90 Year 3 pupils we chose to deliver a creative art masterclass. Head of Art at Clifton High, Mr Ayers, and Art Technician, Ms Nutter, took several large-scale drawings of an elephant, cheetah, crocodile, snake and some geckos along for the pupils to decorate with a variety of colourful and expressive techniques, including wax crayons, drawing inks, metallic pens, pastels and wooden printing blocks. The pupils were really enthusiastic and engaged, producing excellent finished drawings in just over three hours!

Elmlea’s Year 4 pupils enjoyed working with textiles in ‘The Great Sewing Bee’, led by Head of Textiles Mrs Warwood-Smith, with the help of Ms Brackenbury. All 90 pupils were encouraged to decorate a small felt bumble bee with embroidery, sequins, buttons and ribbons. The pupils’ sewing skills and creativity were very impressive and they enjoyed using a computerised sewing machine to put their names on the bumble bees.

The finished drawings and bees were displayed in the School’s art exhibition at the end of Arts Week for parents to see. A big thank you our own Year 10 GCSE art and textiles pupils who helped the children so well on the day and were superb ambassadors for the School. Thank you also to the support of Elmlea’s staff who made us all feel so welcome throughout the day.

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