British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships Final

Several Clifton High pupils had a successful weekend of sport at the British Schools’ Modern Biathlon Championships at Crystal Palace in London.

Throughout the events, all pupils demonstrated excellent determination despite the boys only being able to compete in the swimming heats due to the snowy weather. The boys’ performances in swimming were combined with their heat run times for the final scores.

A special mention goes to Tilly in Year 7 who came 2nd overall in the girls Under 12 Competition and the girls in the U13 Team who came 5th! Everyone’s efforts over the weekend were a credit to Clifton High School - well done to all participants.

Overall results

Evie in Year 6 - 48th out of 143

Louis in Year 6 - 24th place

Boys Team - 15th place


Tilly in Year 7 - 2nd out of 125

Olivia in Year 7 - 9th out of 125


Emma in Year 7 - 83rd out of 98.

Megan in Year 8 - 10th out of 98

Sophie in Year 8 - 46th out of 98

Girls Team - 5th place


Lucy in Year 8 - 24th out of 70