CHS Boys Fly High with Flying Start

The within-CHS Flying Start competition was held on 22nd January. Airbus engineers came and taught Year 9 about the forces on aeroplanes in flight. Students learned about budgets and team work and moments and glitter!

The whole of Year 9 took part. Flying Start is sponsored by aero-engineering companies such as Airbus Rolls Royce, Augusta Westland, Atkins and GE. The competition is national and teams of students are challenged to build the best glider. CHS winners have been invited to the regional final (to be held at Bradley Stoke Community School) and winning teams from there will go forward to the National Finals which will be held at the Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton. The final fly-off is held under the belly of Concorde!

The competition includes an environmental aspect and teams get more points for including recycled materials. Unusually, only all-boy teams this year won places in the regional finals (based on how far their gliders flew in the fly-off at CHS). The best glider went from one the main stage and was still over a meter off the ground when it hit the wall at the other end of the main hall! Everyone had masses of fun and some fantastic learning took place. A big thank you to our fabulous mentors from Airbus; Ethan, Connor, Sam and Alex.