Chemistry 'Masterclass' Visit to Westbury-on-Trym

The Clifton High School Chemistry Department went to Westbury-On-Trym Church of England Primary School for the School’s latest Masterclass on the Move. Accompanying Mr Philips, Dr Caddy and Mr Griffin, were four enthusiastic A level Chemistry students. The theme was ‘bubbles’ and the Westbury Year 6 children took part in practical work investigating factors affecting bubble size. The children completed an experiment with Vitamin C tablets, before exploring the fascinating properties of solid carbon dioxide, or ‘dry ice’. The group then discussed the relevance of ocean acidification and our visiting teachers commented on how impressed they were with the interesting questions from participants. The session concluded with the forming of giant bubbles, much to the awe and delight of the class. A special thank you to Sixth Form students, Hannah, Thomas, Harry and Bethan, as well as the Chemistry Department, for their contributions to an enriching experience for everyone involved.