Christmas 1914

Year 3-6 performed Christmas 1914 last night, and it was absolutely outstanding. The play considers the first Christmas of WW1, prior to which Britons hoped it would 'all be over by Christmas'. A thought-provoking production it considered the stories of our boys on the front line, our girls at home helping the war effort by taking on the jobs of the men in the factories and nursing injured soldiers back to health, and the Christmas Day armistice. The children played their parts with finesse and really involved the audience in their character's stories. 

An important production in the year of the centenery of the beginning of WW1, the show both captured the essence of wartime spirit and the plight of the soldiers in the trenches with song. It also made it clear that this was a terrible conflict and made the poignant point that the enemy was 'just like us'. Every soldier had family, friends and companions they had left behind when they went to fight.