Christmas Fair

A big thank you to everyone for supporting the Clifton High School Christmas Fair. It was a fabulous day and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Early figures suggest we have made well over £3500!

Special thanks must go to Mr Fletcher and the kitchen staff for providing the food and gingerbread to decorate; to Mr Cleaver and Mr Barrow and The Soul Santas for giving us such an array of entertainment; to Sandrine Dubois and Beatriz Mettavant for making the hall look so festive and to Mr Murphy for his help with the signage amongst other things. A big thank you also to Sarah Parsons for realising the "Great CHS Bake Off"; to Emma Barrow for the “Artisan Food Hall”; to Jane Doubleday for the Grotto and to all the PA helpers who worked so hard ticketing items and setting up the stalls and to the parents and teachers who manned those stalls. Special thanks must also go to Jessica Anderson and Liz Bond, who have worked tirelessly to help bring this event together.

I would also like to thank the Leadership Team; Ms Horrex and the Maintenance Team. We could not run these events without you! 

The raffle has been drawn and all prize winners will be contacted directly.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the PA please contact me.

Mrs Cheeseman, Chair of Clifton High School Parents' Association