Clifton High School Scholars Forum Welcome Professor Karen Forbes

"This week, the Clifton High School Scholars' Forum welcomed Professor Karen Forbes from Bristol Royal Infirmary, who spoke to scholars in Years 7-13 on the difficult topic of palliative care. Professor Forbes explained to pupils the path of her career in medicine and why, after initially training in the field of cancer treatment, she had decided to move into the field of palliative care.

Talking to pupils about the different elements of end of life care, ranging from practical work in managing a patient’s pain level, to helping them come to terms with their illness, pupils listened intently.

Professor Forbes went on to share with pupils some of the questions she is asked on a daily basis, engaging pupils to contribute their own thoughts on the sort of issues that might be raised.

Professor Forbes ended the talk by reassuring pupils, “My job is not depressing. I love my job. It is a privilege. It is rewarding.” Pupil consensus was that this was a very thought-provoking talk which gave an insight into a rarely-discussed topic and an insight into the many different fields of medicine."

Isobel H, Year 13