Clifton High School produces 'Medium-Term Strategy 2015-2019' and 'Parental Questionnaire' results

As a forward-thinking school, Clifton High School is consistently evaluating its development to best meet the needs of its pupils and parents. To this end, the School has produced a ‘Medium-Term Strategy 2015-2019’ to outline its strategy over the next four years. This document was influenced by views from parents as expressed in a 'Parental Questionnaire', which almost 50% of our parents completed late last year. The results of the ‘Parental Questionnaire’ can be seen in our ‘Parental Questionnaire Summary for Parents’ document which was produced in December 2015.

The ‘Medium-Term Strategy 2015-2019’ and the ‘Parental Questionnaire Summary for Parents’ can both be viewed here.