Clifton High School's Commitment to Eco Issues

Clifton High School’s new Sixth Form Eco Leaders introduced themselves in an assembly last week, launching their new recycling scheme and talking to fellow pupils about the importance of upcycling. This new group will play a key role in the School’s advancing commitment to eco issues over the next year, ensuring our application for the renewal of the prestigious Eco-Schools Green Flag Award is successful.

The recent eco event held during Junior and Senior lunch break in the Outdoor Classroom, focused on healthy living and responsible energy use. Using no power, children made smoothies using a pedal bike with a blender rigged up to the front wheel. Pupils were asked to reflect on the amount of physical energy they were using and whether it would make them think twice before using energy around the School and home. The pupils were also visited by Orang-utan, Fred, and his ventriloquist friend Steph, who educated the children on life in the tropics, where the fruit for our smoothies are often produced. Fred also told the children how he was orphaned due to the fact his natural habitat was, and continues to be, under threat from palm-oil farming. The event proved a great success, with approximately one hundred children making their own smoothies. The tough plastic recycled cups were washed up by the children as they went along. Thank you  Mrs Giles, Mr Walmsley and the Eco Committee for organising.

If parents or friends of Clifton High School know of any local eco events or activities that would interest our pupils or groups who would be keen to visit, please let Mrs Giles and the Eco Leaders know: