Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Students and teachers at Clifton High School have risen to the challenges presented by this year’s new A level qualifications. Two thirds of all students achieved all A* - B grades; significantly, this is 30% above the national average. A* grades were achieved across a broad range of subjects, Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, French, Food Technology, Mathematics and Further Mathematics; in fact over half the candidates in Mathematics achieved full UMS marks in at least one of their modules. All of this gives us particular cause for celebration for what each girl and boy has achieved this year against the current backdrop of uncertainty in both secondary and tertiary education.

Of particular significance was the gender equality in performance with the top students divided equally amongst boys and girls. These pupils have benefitted from the highly successful Diamond Edge Model at Clifton High School where boys and girls are taught separately at key stages in their development: an awareness of the different learning methods suited to boys and girls and the resulting adaptations in teaching practices are now embedded in the School’s approach to teaching and learning, and this continues to reap tangible benefits.

Alongside the Diamond Edge Model, Clifton High School places significant emphasis on the personal growth and development of each and every pupil, in other words achievement in the broader context. Whether it be completing their Gold Duke of Edinburgh alongside their A level studies, captaining a football team, winning debating competitions, volunteering in the Gambia or taking lead roles in plays and solo performances in concerts, our students have achieved that perfect balance of personal growth and academic realisation.

This year’s students have been strategic in their choice of university. They have stood out as thinkers and not followers and have been discerning both in their choice of course and of institution, confident to stand by and pursue the results of their own research. The university courses they have chosen are varied, ranging from the more traditional single honours subjects such as Mathematics, History and English Literature to Fashion Marketing and Branding, Mechatronic Engineering, Costume Design and Practice and Motorsport Engineering. All students wishing to go to university have been awarded a place, with 80% of the students achieving their first choice.

Dr Neill, Head of School, says “The emphasis on personal development at Clifton High School ensures that our students are equipped not only academically, but also for change and challenge. This group of students receiving their results today have been exemplary practitioners. I am extremely confident and hopeful that each and every one or our students leaving us will have influence and use it wisely in their future. More than ever we need our young people to contribute to making the world a better place.”