Eco Club Growing Fast at CHS

CHS is encouraging a greater understanding of local wildlife as well as greater awareness of how the school's human and wildlife populations fit into their wider global environment.

The CHS Senior Eco-Committee is re-inventing itself as a more applied and pro-active club supporting environmental awareness across School. Look out for a news item soon about their school assembly on Rainforests followed by a fundraising treasure hunt. They are hoping to sponsor an acre of rainforest and adopt an animal through the WWF.

Juniors Eco Club is also starting soon to meet a wave of interest amongst the younger pupils. They are looking forward to monitoring birds' nests and activity within the school grounds. There are now a total of six bird boxes and six bird feeders, many made by the pupils themselves, around the school grounds ready for their observations with resident CHS environment and photography specialist, Mr Walmsley.

Classes from Reception through to the senior year groups benefit from similar short projects both within the curriculum and as part of their Life Skills and Competencies programmes.