Eco Photography Competition 2019

Clifton High's Eco Photography Competition 2019 had is now open...

The competition invites pupils in Year 1 and above, as well as parents, Friends of Clifton High, governors and staff to participate.

Photographs can be entered into the following categories

- Art in Nature; a striking picture, showing the beauty of nature with a subject doing something interesting.

- Adapting to us; a photograph capturing nature or wildlife in a manmade, urban or unexpected enviroment.

- Landscape; a special view of nature, this could be in a town or the countryside, and can include manmade objects.

All entries should be emailed with a short description,  including images as attachments, to by the deadline of midnight on Monday 3rd June 2019.

Full competition details can be found here and some useful tips and advice on composition here.  Good Luck!