Elite Sports Performance Day at the University of Bath

On Tuesday, 45 pupils in Years 7-9 on Clifton High’s Talented in Sport register visited the University of Bath, for an elite sports performance day where pupils participated in a range of practical sport sessions.

The first session, ‘Speed for Sport’, involved a range of speed and agility activities to challenge pupils and the second ‘Strength and Conditioning’ session taught pupils the correct technique for many mobility and strengthening exercises.

The third session of the day took place in a sports science laboratory where pupils had the opportunity to take part in the ‘Wingate Anaerobic Sprint Bike Test’. This test measured peak power output, including how many watts per kilogram of body weight pupils could create, as well as their rate of fatigue.

The ‘VO2 Max Treadmill Aerobic Test’ measured pupils’ aerobic capacity, specifically how suited their bodies are to endurance sports and the rate of lactic acid produced during exercise. Many pupils also tried out the ‘Dyno Strength’ machine, which measured maximum strength in several major muscle groups. After using the machine, pupils were able to compare their results to the requirements of the police force fitness testing.

The day concluded with a question and answer session with a professional athlete who is a synchronised swimmer for Great Britain, when pupils were given an insight into the life of a university athlete. All pupils thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on day and gained invaluable information about elite sports performance training.