Ethos and Aims

Our Ethos

We aim to produce young people with the ability to think independently, who have a strong belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience, flexibility and adaptability to succeed whatever life presents.

Our Aims

At Clifton High our aims are based around five key areas: Teaching and learning, standards and expectations, self-development and adaptability, communication and the business of education.

Standards and Expectations

To motivate:

  • through a challenging environment that fosters curiosity, creativity and confidence.
  • by setting high expectations for each and every boy and girl, tracking their progress to ensure they gain the highest qualifications alongside a wealth of other skills.

Self Development and Adaptability

To encourage. . .

  • boys and girls to be resilient, flexible and adaptable by providing them with situations that develop their capacity to respond in novel situations
  • staff with the desire to reflect on their practive, learn new skills, show innovation and be adaptable to change


To inspire . . .

  • our boys and girls in acquiring the art, skill and confidence to communicate with clarity in both the written and spoken word
  • a community in which everyone is respectful of others and understands how to communicate appropriately, in particular when using social media

The Business of Education

To instil . . .

  • an understanding of the business aspects of the school. Boys, girls, staff and parents to promote their school as ambassadors, ensuring its continued success as a leading independent Bristol school that offers an excellent education and an excellent working environment for staff.
  • an appreciation by our boys and girls that a significant investment has been made in their education by both parents and the school, and that with this privilege comes responsibility. 

Teaching and Learning

To provide . . .

  • excellence in teaching and learning across all subjects
  • inspirational staff who celebrate each child for their individuality and their achievements