European Day of Languages

Pupils celebrated the European Day of Languages on Wednesday 26th September, they dressed in European themed costumes and enjoyed a full day of linguistic and cultural workshops and a superb European themed lunch.


Prizes for the best themed costumes were judged by Dr Neill at break time and congratulations go to our deserving winners:

First prize:  Zach in Year 3

Second prize: Morgan in Year 8

Third prize: Noah and Theo in Year 8


Throughout the day, pupils enjoyed taster sessions in Italian and Chinese language and culture and explored the importance of learning a language. The sessions, which were directed toward two different age groups, were delivered by Dr Silvestri, Italian lecturer from Cardiff University and Mr Tsao our Chinese tutor.


Visitors from the Royal Navy delivered a workshop on careers using languages within the Royal Navy. Pupils worked on some interactive code breaking exercises using the Cyrillic alphabet and learnt more about the work of Alan Turing and the Enigma code. 

Two postgraduates from the German Department at the University of Bristol delivered a presentation on the Berlin Wall and its graffiti and pupils designed what they would have written on the Berlin Wall. Teams of pupils worked together and tested their general knowledge in a quiz, with rounds on flags of the world, food and drink, European geography and national costumes.


In the afternoon, the Onatti Theatre Company presented a superb and energising performance entitled ‘La Salle des Enigmes’.  Two actors kept our students of French entertained with a play based on the escape room experience and set in the context of Ancient Egypt, pupil participation was prevalent to the actors escape.


Pupils also enjoyed a flamenco display in assembly and flamenco workshops throughout the day delivered by Duende Flamenco, a company based in London that promotes Flamenco dancing in the UK.


Finally, pupils used their creativity and language skills to paint their own language stones to either take home as a souvenir of the day or to hide for people to find. Please see for further details.


An enjoyable and enriching day was had by all!