Excellent Nursery School-Year 2 Inspection Reports

Dr Alison Neill, Head of School, commended the hard work and dedication of Clifton High’s EYFS Department on Friday following the outstanding summary reports received from Bristol City Council based on two recent Quality Inspections (QIF) of Clifton High’s Nursery-Year 2 provision.

All teaching staff and teaching assistants were delighted at the positive feedback from the reports, which confirmed the Department’s commitment to creating a happy and stimulating learning environment in which boys and girls feel secure, confident and valued.

Dr Alison Neill, Head of School, commented, “It is clearly evident that our staff present a stimulating environment for the children enabling them to thrive in every respect. These reports rightly acknowledge the superb practice of all of the staff throughout our Nursery School-Year 2.”

Congratulations to all EYFS staff for their continued hard work and excellent inspection reports.

“The depth of reflection at Clifton High is always so impressive and the children have so many opportunities for creativity, critical thinking alongside tuned in adults.”

“The environment really does support children’s ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ and the adults supporting children were sensitive and knowledgeable in fostering great attitudes to learning and clearly know the children very well.”

Quotations from Bristol City Council’s inspection reports 2018