Extended Project Qualification Student Presentations

On Wednesday evening, three Year 13 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students, Matthew, Isobel and Elenor, delivered their assessed presentations to an audience of staff, parents and pupils, concluding over 100 hours of university-style independent study.

Isobel, who completed some of her primary research in Sri Lanka last summer, discussed the best methods for reducing the prevalence on dengue and chikungunya, which are two mosquito-borne diseases. Elenor spoke about her ‘artefact’ project, which involved designing a sustainable home able to withstand the effects of storms in Brazil. Matthew gave a presentation about his dissertation that he has researched and written on whether luxury brands have lost their exclusivity.

The Extended Project Qualification is a qualification highly regarded by universities as it develops independent planning, research and writing skills required for university study. The EPQ project is offered to all Sixth Form students at Clifton High School, as well as the Higher Level Project Qualification, which is a GCSE equivalent currently being undertaken by 25 Year 9 pupils.