Felix achieves Head Teacher's Award

Congratulations to Felix in Year 6 who achieved the Head Teacher’s Award last week for an excellent piece of writing. Felix wrote an engaging piece retelling the story of Macbeth, which can be read below. Well done Felix!

Retelling Macbeth

On the gloomy, blood drenched battlefield, three hideous hags mumbled a spell of sinister magic. “In the putrid lungs of English men” one chanted.  A sullen mist hung in the foul, filthy air.

With the sinister wind mocking them, Macbeth and his gallant kin Banquo rode on their majestic horses away from the decrepit bowels of the boat they had destroyed.  A SUDDEN bolt of lightning speared across the sky to reveal the hags.  “Who are you?”  Banquo whispered in one “Speak IF YOU CAN”  “All hail Macbeth, Thane of Cawdor.  All hail Macbeth, King!”  Macbeth was silent…

Lady Macbeth listened intently.  “We must kill him!”  Lady Macbeth boomed!  They were talking about killing their noble king.  Duncan was coming to stay for a night.  Then what?  He conjured up the dagger weeping blood in his head. A broad smile attacked his face.  Why?  Macbeth thought he was at Duncan’s gnarled door.  Just then a luminescent dagger pieced itself together. “I’m ready…”

A scream was what awoke the castle. “Treason, TREASON, the King is dead!”  Everyone was a suspect.  No man safe.  Malcolm and Donalbain (Duncan’s sons) had fled like cowards leaving Macbeth to be king.  But now Macbeth knew he could ruin his plans, WHO?  Banquo. He did see the hags with Macbeth.  He sent two knights to kill Banquo.  They decapitated him and threw the head in a ditch.

Lady Macbeth was acting more strange than usual.  But as they were having dinner a ghostly spectre emerged from a chair “Banquo?”…

“Scream!” Lady Macbeth had died last night, but a massacre army was marching to them!  A fight commenced.  The raging battle was all but lost when a noble named Macduff charged at Macbeth there was now blood on the floor. 

It was well and truly over.