Flying Start; Regional Final

Following the Flying Start Day at Clifton High a few weeks ago, the three qualifying Year 9 teams competed in the regional final at the Bristol Aerospace Museum last Monday.

The contest comprised a quiz that tested their Physics knowledge; a presentation of their designs to the Airbus experts; and, of course, testing the flying ability of their gliders in the Fly Off.

The event took place under the tail of the famous Concorde and, in this most appropriate setting, our teams performed splendidly, both in Fly Off and in the contest overall.

Team KLTG, comprising Katie, Lucia, Thomas and Gautier, took 3rd place in the whole competition and they automatically go through to the Grand Final in March at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. Team Thin Air, Leah, Imogen, Austin and Olly, also secured a place in the final round.  Both teams have a good chance of success in the final, especially if they throw their glider well on the day.

Well done to all the Clifton High pupils involved for their hard work, enthusiasm and aptitude shown and good luck to those in the Grand Final.