Folly Farm Visits

Years 3 and 4 visited Folly Farm to participate in a programme on ‘Home Sweet Home.’ Children made a mini nature reserve and investigated the animals living in the woodland. As part of the programme, the children were given a description of an animal and had to decide the best location for it to live; either woodland, marshland or meadow based on looking at the areas, suitable habitats and food. The groups then went to ‘community court’ to decide if certain animals change areas. It was a superb interactive experience and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

Years 5 and 6 undertook the programme on 'Conservation and Sustainability'. Pupils investigated the animals living in an orchard, deciding which description matched which organism and how the biological lifecycle of the orchard functioned. Another activity centred around considering the journey of a 'speck' through a variety of temporary homes and environmental habitats. This was based on activity trails, shared objects and natural resources. It was a fascinating experience.

As part of the Sustainability programme, the children had to consider recycling issues such as how long it took for certain materials to biodegrade, or which materials could be recycled at home. (They even sorted and recycled the rubbish from our own packed lunches!)

Mrs Tabb and Mr Lowe