Food and Nutrition 'Bake Off' Challenge

Last week, pupils from Years 7 and 8 participated in a ‘Bake Off’ Challenge in their Food and Nutrition lessons. Pupils were given 90 minutes, in which to make a savoury or sweet dish of their choice. Pupils were marked on how clean they had left their workbenches and their final dishes were judged on taste and presentation.

The final plates of food were exceptionally well-presented and demonstrated excellent cookery skill, attention to detail and considerable effort. Bakes included salted caramel brownies, passionfruit chocolate cake, a Clifton High sport cake and cooked dishes comprised of chicken and chips and savoury crêpes.

Year 7 winners included Jake’s tortillas de cerdo ardientes chipotle, which was awarded 1st place in the savoury category, whilst Niels and Theo were awarded 1st place for their sweet dish of chocolate fudge cake and homemade ice cream. In Year 8, Piers won 1st place for his cheese muffins with pea and mint dip and hot chilli sauce, with Halina and Leilani securing 1st place in the sweet category for their chocolate chip cookie s’mores. Well done to all participants!