GCSE Results Mirror Our Outstanding A Level Results

We are delighted to announce that the Clifton High School GCSE results have mirrored the outstanding performance we saw from our A level students earlier this summer. A significant time for Clifton High, the students collecting their results today were the first to join the school as it became fully co-educational and adopted the pioneering Diamond Model in 2009. As with last week’s A levels, the GCSE results have been worth the wait.

 Dr Alison Neill, Head of School says:
“As with our A levels last week, our GCSE students have achieved an outstanding set of results which reflect the brilliance of our school, our ethos and our students. I am delighted that CHS students have achieved more A* and A grades than ever”

Almost 30% of students achieved all A* or A grades
Almost 60% of grades achieved were A* or A
Almost 10% of candidates achieved all A* grades
65% of grades achieved in Modern and Classical Languages were A* or A
Almost 60% of grades achieved in Mathematics and Science were A* or A
56% of our pupils achieved full marks in at least one or more of their modules
95% of students achieved at least 5 A*- C grades which included Mathematics and English

Dr Alison Neill Head of School goes on to say “This is a highly significant day for Clifton High School and I am delighted with the results. Academically our students have surpassed our expectations and are the proof that our unique approach to education through the Diamond Model really does work. Despite what many “experts” say our girls’ performance at GCSE was most certainly not reduced by having boys in the class. The boys have capitalised on this experience, working with young women and a number have achieved as many as 7 grades higher than predicted across all of their subjects”

As with the A levels, GCSE results at Clifton High School have bucked the national trend with students achieving higher grades across the board.

As expected, GCSE achievements have been particularly impressive in Mathematics and the three sciences – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. We remain firmly committed to teaching the three sciences separately and continue to build on our reputation for having an outstanding Science and Mathematics provision. Similar success has also been seen in Modern and Classical Languages where over 65% of grades achieved were A* or A.

Students with particular cause for celebration were Eliza Raffle, Emma Hallam-Worrall and Hannah Smyk who all achieved straight A* grades across all of their subjects.

The Diamond Model together with the school’s philosophy of realising individual brilliance has meant that students can celebrate more than just academic success as they are encouraged and nurtured to explore their talents. The successes they have achieved in sports, drama, music and art will give them skills to help them as they continue their education in the sixth form and beyond.