Gifted and Talented in Sport visit to University of Bath

Last week, twenty-eight junior pupils from Years 4 - 6 visited the University of Bath for a Gifted and Talented in Sport Day.

In the morning, they participated in three practical sessions: one refined their sprinting technique by testing them with resistance bands; another challenged their hand-eye coordination with a variety of individual, paired and group ball exercises; and the final one was an end zone conditioned team game.

In the afternoon, the pupils had an insightful talk and Q&A opportunity from a Team GB synchronised swimmer, who told them about her journey and career thus far, including her recent Commonwealth experience.

The children finished the day with the University’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, who taught them the most effective way of jumping and squatting, and they ended their visit by showcasing their 100m sprints!  All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed the experience and their good behaviour, combined with their effort and application, made them excellent ambassadors for the School.