'Have you ever wondered...?' talk by Mr Dave Harris

The final event of Clifton High’s Marquee Week was a dynamic presentation on Monday evening, ‘Have you ever wondered…?’, by Mr Dave Harris, Business Director, author and highly-respected former Head Teacher.

Mr Harris’ presentation, focusing on how the brain works and how to engage in new ideas, had parents, students and staff up from their seats and interacting during an action-packed two hours! 

Mr Harris took the audience through key educational theory, the use of Growth Mindset, how we can learn best and brought a plethora of props for audience members to explore and discuss. A particular highlight when looking at humour and the release of endorphins was a video of a baby exploring bubbles for the first time, leading to much laughter from the audience. 

Mr Harris’ memorable presentation was enjoyed by all who were present and was a fitting end to Marquee Week 2017.