Hockey Success

The Clifton High School, Girls 1st XI Hockey Team, recently faced The Royal High School, Bath in our annual Challenge Shield Match. This is this 102nd year this fixture has taken place, making it a highlight in the hockey calendar for both 1st Teams.

Clifton High School hosted the game this year and were fully prepared for the fixture. We took an early lead in the game, the 1st goal a fantastic break from midfield then scored by Ali, in Year 11, followed by an accurate pass into the ‘D’ from Lucy in Year 11, deflected in the goal by Mia, also in Year 11. Royal High then came back with a goal from a drive along the back line and a strong finish.

The second half of the game was a well contested match on the pitch, however Clifton High worked exceptionally well as a team and our next 2 goals scored by Alex in Year 11, who was positioned well on the post. Royal High managed to score a final goal from a well-deserved short corner goal.

The final score 4-2 to Clifton High School, saw the return of the Challenge Shield to School after being in The Royal High School’s possession for the last 4 years.

A superb team performance and an excellent display of determination and enthusiasm was shown by all players in the squad. Well done all.