House Charity Week

The boys and girls have had a busy week of fundraising for Winkworth and Wollaston's nominated House charities. Events included charity bingo, a coin race, a cake sale and the annual House Pancake Race! 

Winners of the Senior Pancake Race: Wollaston

Winners of the Junior Pancake Race: Winkworth

Winners of the House Coin Race: Wollaston

The total money raised was £432 for the week and with this added onto House points so far this academic year…

1st Wollaston - 3095

2nd Percival and Winkworth - 2578

3rd Pears - 2436

Our next big fundraising event will be Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March. This will be a mufti day and will also feature an exciting cake competition for all pupils and staff.