Light Up and Move the World Masterclass at Sandford Primary School

On Friday 19th May, the Masterclass bus went on its travels to Sandford Primary School as Clifton High School’s Science and Technology Departments joined forces to deliver a session about light and movement.

The Sandford pupils were shown how robots can light up and move and also how to programme mini-robots to follow pre-determined paths. The mini-robots had scrolling LED lights to reveal their programming and moved according to the instructions they were given. The pupils then competed with their robots to move from one side of the hall to the other, avoiding small wooden barriers.

The pupils encountered numerous problems: wheels that were rubbing, buttons bouncing unexpectedly and batteries going flat. The programmes got progressively more advanced and more ambitious as the session went on and the team-working and problem-solving skills demonstrated were excellent.

A special thank you to Clifton High School’s team of four Year 10 helpers: Anna, Martha, Jess and Tom, who rapidly became experts at programming and fixing the mini-robots.