Marquee Week - Harvest Festival and Science Day

The final day of Marquee Week on Monday 12th October featured a Harvest Festival and a Science Day. The day began with a Harvest Festival Thanksgiving Assembly led by Canon Mark Pilgrim of St Peter's Church in Henleaze. It was attended by pupils from Nursery through to Year 6, parents and teachers, who all participated enthusiastically. All pupils also brought items of food to school with them to be donated to the Bristol North West Foodbank. The rest of the day was dedicated to science, with experiments and discussions around topics such as hot air balloons, seeds and flight. The day ended with a lively Science Quiz for pupils in Years 10-13. 

Monday was the final day of this year’s Marquee Week, a week full of inspirational, social and educational events which showcased the best of what Clifton High School has to offer.