Masterclass - Learn German with The Beatles

This week our Masterclass bus visited Christ Church C of E Primary School to deliver a German Masterclass. The session, Learn German with The Beatles, was delivered to two Year 5 groups who embraced it with great enthusiasm.


The Masterclass focused on two iconic Beatles songs that they had also recorded in German; ‘Sie liebt dich’ - ‘She loves you’ and ‘Komm gib mir deine hand’ - ‘I wanna hold your hand’.


Pupils listened to the songs and completed a range of activities, culminating in a class sing-a-long. They looked for cognates and near-cognates in the lyrics, completed a gap-fill, held up the correct song-lines at the right time and played slap-board against each other using their newly learned vocabulary.


Most of the pupils had never learnt any German before but their knowledge and pronunciation by the end of the afternoon was very impressive. A thoroughly enjoyable Masterclass where everybody learnt something new.