Masterclass at Cleve House School

On Wednesday 26th September, the Chemistry Department at Clifton High School ran a practical Masterclass at Cleeve House School in Totterdown.

The theme was ‘Bubbles’ and Year 6 pupils undertook practical work investigating factors affecting bubble size. 

Accompanying Mr Phillips, and Ms Brackenbury were three passionate and enthusiastic A-Level Chemistry students.

Pupils completed an experiment with Vitamin C tablets, before exploring the wondrous properties of solid carbon dioxide, or ‘dry ice’.  The relevance to ocean acidification was discussed and staff were incredibly impressed by the depth of questioning of participants.  The sessions concluded with the forming of giant bubbles, using a top secret bubble mixture!  A special thank you is extended to the Clifton High School Sixth Form Students; Emily, Charlotte and Laura, who contributed fully to a very enriching experience for all concerned.

We are looking forward to our next outreach, Masterclass event.