'Masterclasses on the Move' visit Hotwells Primary School

The school’s second ‘Masterclass on the Move’ at the end of last term journeyed to Hotwells Primary School to engage children in a ‘Sewing Bee’.  The class of Year 6 Hotwells pupils were joined by our own Mrs Warwood-Smith, Ms Brackenbury, Mr Pullen and Sixth Form students, Issy, Phoebe and Campaspe. Hotwells pupils sewed triangles of felt, which they creatively decorated using applique printed fabric, and then hand embroidered into place.

Pupils sewed their triangles onto ribbon, completing all ten metres of festive bunting as a colourful addition to their classroom.  Mrs Warwood-Smith recalls how “creative and engaged” the children at Hotwells Primary were and the visible pride they took in their creations. The three Sixth Form students who offered their help were “exemplary; fantastic ambassadors for Clifton High.” Congratulations to all those involved for another successful and well-received Masterclass on the Move.