Mathematics Comes to Life

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a live Skype call with the 'Song of the Whale' research boat today, experiencing mathematics in action in the 'real world'.

The children have been studying data from the boat in their lessons - regarding how the boat's location is charted using mathematics and how the locations of whales and porpoises are tracked - whilst exploring co-ordinates as part of the Key Stage 2 mathematics curriculum.

They had a lot of questions regarding the data when they were looking at it in their lessons; today they not only had their questions answered by a research scientist and but also had a video tour of the boat.

Some of their queries were regarding the tagging of whales and porpoises to track them, the accuracy of GPS co-ordinates, why some whales swim at a much deeper depth than porpoises, and much more.

The event took place as part of the Global Classroom program run by Mr Walmsley - Clifton High School's Lead Specialist on Photography and the Environment, which can set up live links to divers in the Pacific, biologists in Madagascar and explorers in the Arctic. 

To take a look at some photographs of Song of the Whale and find out more please click here.

Year 6 Skype Chat with Research BoatClose up of Skype screenSong of the Whale Researcher on Skype