Mathematics Masterclass at Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School

Clifton High School staff along with four Sixth Form student helpers went to Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School on Wednesday 4th October to deliver a Mathematics Masterclass on shape work and optical illusions.

The Masterclass was inspired by the famous ‘OK GO’ YouTube video and Channel 4 logo. Thirty Year 6 pupils made shapes using wire, plasticine, cardboard and plastic tangram pieces and, in groups of six, pupils were tasked with spelling out ‘O L R P Y 6’ (Our Lady of the Rosary Primary School, Year 6).

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed the day and all six groups successfully completed the challenge in time for their work to be filmed. The end products were excellent and rivalled the quality of the professional clips that inspired them. Thank you to Mr Collins, Mrs Waters and the Sixth Form students who helped on the day.