Mathematics Masters

Year 4 and 5 pupils have certainly had their Mathematics brains in gear this term and have achieved great success at Maths Challenges across Bristol.

Fergus, Henry, Hector and Evan from Year 4 took part in a Maths Challenge at the Red Maids' School last Tuesday. They competed in lots of different challenges testing every aspect of their mathematic ability. Out of a total of 16 schools, Henry and Fergus finished a highly commendable 5th and Hector and Ethan finished 13th.

Six Year 5 children took part in a similar Mathematics Challenge at BGS last Thursday. They enjoyed rounds such as ‘Domino Jigsaws’ where they had to match domino tiles to numbers, ‘Catch the train’, where they had to answer questions based on a train timetable and ‘Pentomino puzzle’ where they had to arrange pentominoes to make different sized rectangles. They all had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon competing against 22 other schools from across Bristol and our top team of Ishan and Auden finished in 7th place.