Medical Centre

The welfare of all our boys and girls is very important to us at Clifton High. Our well-equipped medical centre is home to a small team of school counsellors and a nurse who provide support for the physical and emotional wellbeing of our children and pupils.

School nurse

Our school nurse is on site from 8.30am to 5.00pm every day and is present at many school events such as the Carol Service, Rose Day and Sports Day.

Our nurse is the first point of contact for first aid or for those generally feeling unwell. The Medical Room has a waiting area, a treatment room and a separate quiet rest and recovery area. The nurse is able to administer basic over the counter remedies for minor ailments during the school day and can also administer prescribed medication following written consent and instruction from parents.

The school nurse manages and hosts routine vaccination programmes and undertakes developmental health checks for children in Reception, Year 3 and Year 7.

Some boys and girls are faced with additional challenges beyond those associated with growing up or additional school work and it is our aim to fully support those children who may be experiencing a difficult time. The school nurse is often the first point of contact for those children who may need to take some time out or simply take some time to share their worries or concerns; the nurse works closely with the classroom teachers, tutors and school counsellors and can arrange for appointments to be made. Similarly the nurse is happy to be a confidential sounding board for parents who have concerns about their child’s health and well-being while they are at Clifton High.

The second hand uniform shop is also housed in the Medical Centre and parents are able to purchase good quality second hand uniform from the nurse during the school day. Invoices are sent directly to finance to be added to end of term bills.

School counsellors

Our school counsellors are at School three days a week. They provide an invaluable support and counselling service that is an integral part of the outstanding pastoral care system for which Clifton High is well known.

While some children take growing up in their stride, others may find the changes more difficult, be it in their own physical or emotional development or due to higher expectations or increases in homework. Domestic, personal or family problems can also be cause for concern for some children. Our counsellors are fully qualified and experienced in dealing with issues such as bereavement, family breakdown, depression and bullying. There are times, however, where we may feel that a child needs additional professional support. The school counsellors link and work alongside external agencies who can provide expertise in specific areas where necessary.

Any child can make an appointment to see one of our counsellors; the service is confidential and meetings take place during the school day.