Nano Simbox show educational app to Year 10

On Thursday 4th May, a group of Year 10 pupils were involved in the testing and development of a new educational app designed by the Bristol-based company, Nano Simbox.

The app uses molecular simulations from the University of Bristol to make the invisible visible. Pupils were set a challenge and then tasked to design two aspects of the app to come up with a solution, using molecular simulations of water, argon and urea. 

Year 10 pupils found it an interesting and engaging way to learn and quickly got to grips with the app and how to modify and build different molecules.

Following this event, Clifton High School has been invited to be part of the NSB100, a group of 100 innovative schools who will be the first to use the Nano Simbox teaching tools in their classrooms.

These teaching tools will be an exciting addition to our newly updated STEM room and we are looking forward to working closely with Nano Simbox and championing this award winning and unique digital science learning platform.