Nursery School to Year 4 Author Visit

Clifton High School was delighted to welcome local author, Ms Maudie Smith, into School on Thursday to deliver a series of writing and storytelling workshops for children in Nursery School to Year 4.

Using props and costumes, Ms Smith encouraged children to think about the power of books and storytelling, drawing on her theatrical background to engage and interest Years 3 and 4 in discussions and activities.

Children in Nursery School to Year 2 then enjoyed listening to stories from Ms Smith’s books, including The Dressing Up Dad and Milly and the Mermaids. Children were also invited to consider inspirations for creative writing, using props such as a photograph and a shell.

The Yellow Lighted Bookshop provided copies of Ms Smith’s books which the children had signed after the workshops and the Junior Library now has a complete set for children to enjoy.