Promoting a culture of safety at Clifton High School

Promoting a culture of safety is central to the aims of Clifton High School. As part of the High School’s ongoing programme of education on Safeguarding and Child Protection issues, the Safeguarding Advisor for North Bristol’s Local Authority, Lesley O’Hagan, came into the High School on the CPD day before the beginning of term to deliver the latest updates in Safeguarding and Child Protection practice. Both within our own school community and the wider community, new technologies, social media, family and peer group dynamics and pressures of the twenty-first century mean that our young people are more vulnerable than ever.  As a School, we are committed to taking a proactive attitude and approach to the safety and wellbeing of our children, both on and off the school site.  Indeed, it is a requirement that all employees, both teaching staff and business support, be kept informed of the latest updates in safeguarding and child protection in order to keep our children safe and inform best practice. 

This CPD session formed part of the biennial training we receive and complemented the regular training staff receive from the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Alison Taylor. Later on in the day, staff also underwent Critical Incident and First Aid training. The latter was, on this occasion, particularly for staff involved in taking pupils on trips and who run sports-related extra-curricular activities.  It was an engaging and informative day and was extremely well received by all staff.