Reception-Year 2 'Babushka' Christmas Performance

This morning, children in Reception-Year 2 took to the stage for their Christmas performance of Babushka, a Russian folktale, to a captivated audience of family and friends.

The audience watched as Babushka made her way through the snow to Bethlehem, encountering a cast of characters on the way including angels, stars and Russian dancers. There was even a group of dancing cobwebs that Babushka had to sweep away before she set off!

With fantastic singing, dancing and costumes, all the children performed excellently and put on a brilliant show! Parents commented on the enthusiasm of the singing and the particularly high standard of the dancing this year from some of our youngest children. Dr Alison Neill, Head of School, said that the children shone ‘ like stars’ and 'rose to the occasion ... simply outstanding'. Well done to everyone who took part!