Reception to Year 2 Children mark National Science Week

Children in Nursery to Year 2 celebrated National Science Week with a day dedicated to science-related activities. Nursery children spent the day exploring the theme of colour: mixing colours into shaving foam, making ‘fizzy colours’ and working together to create a giant bubble painting. The Reception classes also adopted this theme, using food colouring to make foam clouds as well as exploring ‘magic milk’. In the coming weeks the children look forward to making lava lamps as an extension of this topic.

Meanwhile, Year 1 children carried out a variety of food-related activities, such as making lemonade, doing blind taste tests, planting cress and beginning their cress diaries. They also very much enjoyed writing secret messages using invisible ink. Children in Year 2 explored the theme of plants, spending the day making potions out of herbs, closely observing flowers using the Easi-Scope microscope on a laptop computer as well as making African-style bag gardens. An informative and highly enjoyable day for everyone involved.