Rose Day 2017


Clifton High School’s 140th anniversary celebrations began on Saturday morning with a memorable Service of Thanksgiving, Commemoration and Prizegiving in Bristol Cathedral, attended by some 1000 pupils, alumni, staff and guests. 

This is one of the oldest traditions of our school year, and in the words of a former Head of the School, Eleanor Addison Phillips: ‘The Rose Day service is the most precious moment of our school life. It is a yearly renewing of our covenant, a yearly re-assurance of the values and spirit of Clifton High School.’ The Service in the Cathedral provided such an occasion, and was also an opportunity to celebrate the School’s successes, to look forward to the future and to present prizes and say farewell to our Year 13 leavers.

Our thanks go to the instrumentalists and singers who gave some superb, and very moving, performances, together with the pupils who read so well and with such confidence. Thank you also to Mr Bob Montgomery, CEO of Longleat Estates, who awarded the prizes and delivered the address; indeed to all those who worked to make the event such a success.  

The Service was followed in the evening by the annual Rose Day Ball, where parents, pupils and friends danced and socialised against the superbly creative backdrop based upon ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. Thank you to the sixth form parents for their hard work in organising and transforming the School into such an enchanting environment. It was a truly memorable occasion and a fitting conclusion to a wonderful day of celebration to mark our 140 years.