Scholars' Forum on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The first Scholars’ Forum of the Summer Term took place last week, as Clifton High School welcomed Michal Huss, Yasser Khalid and Jess Brandler to speak about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Michal Huss, an Israeli student who was personally affected by the conflict, described her recollections and harrowing experiences, which both challenged and informed Clifton High School pupils’ perceptions. Pupils then listened to Palestinian speaker, Yasser Khaldi, who recounted how he has written several books to challenge existing negative perceptions of his country. His writing aims to expose a different side to Palestine than the images of a war-torn region constantly shown on television.  Finally, Jess Brandler from the charity, Solutions Not Sides, clearly outlined the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Following the speeches, pupils were also involved in tasks and discussions, as well as having the chance to ask their own questions. Ms Brandler said she was “really impressed by the depth of the question and analysis comparing the situation in Israel and Palestine with Cyprus, as well as the younger students’ grasping of the pros and cons of each solution in such a mature and smart manner”.

Thank you to all three speakers for providing such an interesting and informative Scholars’ Forum event.