Scholars' Forum with Professor Innes Cuthill

Last Tuesday, Clifton High School welcomed Professor Innes Cuthill from the University of Bristol to the Scholars’ Forum to speak about camouflage in nature, art and war. Professor Cuthill provided pupils with an insight into the factors that determine the physical appearance of animals, be it to repel, recognise, avoid detection, startle or confuse other species.

Pupils were fascinated to hear about the correlation between coat pattern and habitat that also exists, meaning that when the camouflage of extinct animals is analysed, we can predict the environment they would have once lived in.  

Professor Cuthill also told us about the interdisciplinary nature of his studies and recent collaborations with physiologists, psychologists and neuroscientists in order to understand how animal colouration evolves in response to animal colour vision and how it may be perceived differently by predators.