School Fire Risk Assessment Review

In light of the recent and horrific Grenfell tower fire in London, all schools have been asked to review their fire risk assessments and report to parents. As you would expect, Clifton High School had already done this as part of our standard operating procedures.

We would like to confirm that there is no Aluminium Composite Material or other cladding at School.

The Independent School Standards include a requirement that the proprietor ensures compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. This is controlled by a Fire Risk Assessment each year or as required. Clifton High School is compliant with all of these regulations.

The School’s Fire Risk Assessment was last reviewed on 27th July 2017. This risk assessment follows the template that Avon Fire and Rescue recommend. Clifton High School also retains the services of 4See Ltd. 4See are a specialist health and safety company. They provide advice on all health and safety matters, including fire. 4See are available 24/7 and attend site each term to meet with a governor and key managers who form the Health and Safety Committee. 4See verify the Fire Risk Assessment each time it is updated. 

Clifton High School continues to invest in fire safety and has recently added a fire suppression system in the kitchen and additional smoke heat detectors in the science block. In addition our alarm systems are maintained in accordance with manufacturers standards by a specialist company – Haven. This involves regular inspections where any faults are quickly rectified.

In addition, both Mr James, Estates manager and Mr Cowper have recently attended specialist training as part of their continuous professional development on fire risk management and managing safely.

Parents should be aware that School tests the fire alarms each Tuesday at 9.30 am (1.00pm during exams) and has a termly fire practice, when all pupils muster in the School grounds. Every other year the School practices an evacuation to one of three locations; Clifton College, The Roman Catholic Cathedral and Christ Church.

Furthermore, the School appoints and trains fire marshals each year and all staff have awareness training at Continuous Professional Development.

At the last inspection in January 2016 Clifton High School was graded as excellent – the highest standard - for Welfare, Health and Safety.