Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Roadshow

Year 7 and 8 were treated to a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Roadshow provided by British Aerospace (BAe). Year 7 enjoyed the Roadshow for period one of the school day and Year 8 for period two. The boys and girls took part in some amazing demonstrations that explained some quite complicated Science. Some children pretended to be William Tell’s son, some were lifted on a cushion of air, and James Loach controlled metre long sparks by playing on the Tesla Coil by playing a Scarlatti Sonata on a keyboard. All done perfectly safely, of course!

The scheme aims to inspire youngsters and get them to consider a career in STEM subjects. It certainly inspired our students! Eleanor Redman from Year 7 came out of the Roadshow saying that she wants to be an engineer, and others also said they might now consider pursuing a career in engineering. 

Everyone enjoyed themselves, greatly and the BAe representatives were so complimentary, saying how polite and knowledgeable the two groups were. They are looking forward to next year!