Sixth Form Scholars' Forum Event on Nutrition

The most recent Scholar’s Forum on Nutrition again provided our Sixth Form scholars with an opportunity to further their knowledge. Attendees were treated to an interactive talk from Caroline Taylor, a research scientist at Bristol University, who addressed topics such as the general beliefs surrounding supposed dangers of eating fish during pregnancy, and how the government guidelines in this area have been proven to be inaccurate. Students were also given an insight into trends found within the Bristol-based study, ‘Children of the 90s’, which comprises a number of surveys recording food intake of mothers of a select group of children over 25 years. Dr Taylor explained the impact on children of factors such as family background, IQ and health of the mother when pregnant. Overall this fascinating talk provoked many questions and, as Daisy in Year 13 said, provided our Sixth Form students with a “desire to look more into this subject”.